Medstead Pre-School & Nursery

 Registered Charity 1013001

To meet ‘Birth to Three Matters’ and the Early Learning goals the Playgroup and Early Learner sessions provide the opportunity of developing the children’s skills with the following activities:-

Discussion time - To extend vocabulary and speak in a large group situation.

Sand and water play - Basic introduction to Science and Technology.

Painting -  To encourage free expression and learn colours.

Different Cultures and Beliefs - An awareness and sensitivity of others.

Computer - An introduction into technology

Home corner -  To encourage imaginative play and social development.

Book Corner - To sow the seed that books can be fun as well as providing a world of information.

Cooking - Looking at similarities and change.

Constructive toys - To help manipulative skills, maths, colours and technology.

Cutting, gluing and colouring - To encourage the children to make items related to a theme e.g. colours: Seasons of the year. To encourage dexterity, pencil control, independence, also colours, shapes and textures.

Playdough, clay - Imagination, colours, maths, science and language.

Dressing up - Independence, personality and imagination.

Creative play - Personality, independence and vocabulary.

Climbing frame/Large play equipment - Climbing, balance and co-ordination skills

Puzzles - Dexterity, observation and concentration.

Story telling - Language and concentration.

Music and Dancing - Social and physical development.

Free playtime - Social and physical development.

Pre-School Sessions